Thursday, February 16, 2006

Looking forward

I've decided that my lesson this Olympics is to not be such a tight ass or stress about, well, anything. I'm coming off a difficult winter, and I need to be more forgiving of myself. So if I finish these knee socks, great! If not, it's perfectly OK too. They'll still be there when the flame is extinguished, and I'll be tear free. If that makes me a loser? So be it.

I never did play very well with the other reindeer, so they can keep their reindeer games and I'll be over here with my book. ;D

So, as I knit around and around and around on these socks (whomever made the comparison that sock knitters are the short track speed skaters of the knitting world? You are SO right!), I'm looking forward to what to make next. I have a shawl in progress, which is lovely and will probably be complete fairly rapidly. Which, by the way, amazes me, because I'm not exactly known for speedy knitting and I knit the first part of the pattern and FOUR of TEN lace section repeats in a single night. I just about plotzed myself.

But I need to make something for my sister first, as she's in Wisconsin for the moment, and the cold really hurts her. I have some Koigu PPPM that I think would be great for hand coverings of some kind. She mentioned once that she would love some gloves, but w/out the fingers. I specifically asked if she wanted half-fingers, and not just open space just past the knuckleslike all the wristlet patterns in the world out there right now, and she said no, she'd really like the half-fingers.

I need to finish getting ready for work, but I thought I'd toss this thought out there - does anyone know of a pattern for what are basically half gloves where I could sub the Koigu? Gauge on the label is 28sts = 4" on US 3s (3mm). Any help would be fantastic.

Thank you kindly. *tips hat*


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