Thursday, April 06, 2006


So The Yarn is dry now. It's The Yarn, with caps, because it is my first! My first wheel singles were spun on my now very sadly sold Columbine, and before the wheel went in the mail, I wound off onto a couple of Ashford bobbins. These sat around for *koffkoff*, and I finally got around to plying them up the other night.

First, the artistic shot shown here to the left. This was actually the last picture I took. It was lovely light outside today, and I had the window open to air out the place a little bit, and to listen to the birds in the tree in the back.

This shot is of the wraps per inch. Both skeins are pretty much the same overall, so I snagged the second one and measured. These may be a bit smooshed on the measuring tool, but it came out at 12. If it wraps a bit looser, it runs at 11. So, first skeins WPI is 11-12! Woo.

You can see other shots by following the links.
Skeins side by side.

Skein the first, plied w/out tension: One, two, and three.

Skein the second, plied using the tensioned lazy kate: One, two, and three.

I'm so pleased! I ended up not weighting these when they were drying. I just took 'em out of the pot, stuck them around a couple of hangers and let the water/gravity do the weighting. I did, after a few hours, do the whacking on the kitchen table thing before re-hanging. Just because.

Right now the skeins are relaxing on the couch. If I had about 130 yds between the two skeins on the niddy noddy, I wonder how much it shrunk after I washed it? Do I unskein them, and reskein and recount to be sure?

Gosh. Did y'all actually make something with your first skeins or just leave them as is, to be admired and treasured forever more?


Blogger Andrea said...

Hooray!!! Look at you go! You rock!!!

It looks really great. =D I am a bad friend, for I have not visited this here blog for a long time. So I'm very glad you pointed me here!

9:08 PM  
Blogger Robin said...

Congratulations! Isn't it a wonderful feeling...everytime I complete a batch of roving it feels the same. But I keep getting asked what I'm going to make with it...non-spinners don't get it, it's all about the process!
So....what are you going to make with it? (somebody had to ask!)

6:16 AM  
Blogger moiraeknits said...

Awww, A. You're the bestest! I'm glad you came by!

Robin, thank you SO MUCH for your kind comments. I agree that it's really about the process (something no one in my immediate family quite understands), and you know, I have no idea what I'm going to make with it. Hee! For now, it's lounging about on the coffee table, looking pretty and lovely and soft. :D

2:23 PM  

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