Friday, June 09, 2006


OK, I'm being selfless here. Sorta. See, Melissa Lines of Skylines Farm has posted her remaining 2006 handspinning fleeces for sale. I love her fleeces, and she's a wonderful person too. Her farm uses organic practices, and you can see what a fabulous life the sheep have in the super cute photos page.

These Romney and RomneyX fleeces are the most wonderful I've worked with so far. Silky, soft, lustrous...just a joy to experience.

I, uh, went shopping again and now that I'm done (and reserved for 2007), I thought I'd pass along the good news to you. So go check out the page - I'm pretty sure you won't be sorry!

I can't wait to end my current contract here at my former place of employment. It shoudl be the end of next week. After a short period of doing absolutely nothing at all (OK, probably watching yet more Stargate: SG-1, and maybe finishing off Veronica Mars S1), I'm diving into learning more about dyeing, blending and spinning. I can't wait to work on one of my Skylines Farm fleeces!

This gushing, fangirlish (woolgirlish?) post brought to you by lack of coffee + the thrill of new wool!


Blogger Andrea said...

Hey bebe,
I totally owe you a reply to your e-mail. I bad! I was outta town for the weekend with C. Soon...


3:37 PM  

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