Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Stitch and Pitch at the M's game last night was interesting. $20 for parking in the stadium lot, squeezing through the turnstile and doing the stairs thing in the heat with a very impatient sister made me a fairly unhappy camper.

I didn't see most of the game because I spent the first two innings being "yugged" (mugged by yarn) at the vendor tables. Two skeins of Socks that Rock, and three skeins of Koigu later, I wandered to my seat and spent four innings listening to my sister complain about how bored she was. The Mariners were losing badly (Yarn Harlot - your Blue Jays totally kicked our asses last night), my ass doesn't really fit in those seats, and realizing just how contemptuous my sister is of my main hobby made for an upsetting evening. I thought it would be a treat for us to go together, but it really didn't turn out that way.

She demanded we leave at the bottom of the sixth ("I have things I could be doing."), and at that point I was so ready to just weep I gave in. Took us 20 min to find the car, with her glaring at me like she shouldn't also have noted where her ride was in the garage. I had my revenge when I lit up a smoke in MY car. Passive aggressive? Sure. But it's better than the alternatives that were running through my head.

All in all? A good lesson. I'm calling a moratorium on events with my sister through the fall. It just doesn't work out.

The Socks that Rock is pretty though. And I got to do a parade wave on the jumbotron, which makes me 4 for 4 with the Mariners.


Blogger Andrea said...

Dude. Perhaps you should knit D a cozy with which she can cover the gigantic chip she seems to be carrying around on her shoulder lately? From the sound of it, and this is totally my uninformed perspective, it's almost like she enjoys seeking out ways to spend time with you so that she can make you feel bad. (Does she read this blog? Oh well, she may hate me if she chooses, I guess.)

11:06 AM  

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