Friday, July 28, 2006

It's like she reached into my brain

...and found all the things I wanted to say. Well, except for the inkle loom bits.

I have absolutely rampaged on fiber and yarn lately. I will admit to being depressed. Unemployment and a lack of *knowing* what I want to do for work will do that to a girl. And the intarwebs make it so easy to just click! and voila! Another fleece, on the way to me. Click! Hey look at that. I just bought more sock yarn! Click! Groovy - yarn for two projects in the upcoming IK Fall issue. It's totally. Out. Of. Control.

I'm wading up to the knees in boxes in my living room. It's spilling out into the hallway. And while I am stacking, if I set everything down on the floor in one layer, I wouldn't have a floor. And the curse of handwashing continues, which means there's fleece in various stages of washing causing even more clutter. It's enough to drive a girl mad.

In the meantime, I am daydreaming about what kinds of things to make with all the recent acquisitins. I need to clear all the projects off the couch (the three Hazel Rose Looms, all with projects in progress on them; the Mirabilia cross stitch; that one pair of socks from Vintage Socks; the other pair of socks I'm working on; and the recent yarn purchases because I need more yarn, right? *snorts*) and start doing a stash documentation project. This would also be a good idea because in the not-too-distant future there will be Ikea shelving. The one that's 5x5 shelves, and the corresponding entertainment center that also has shelves. And I can put all the books recently bought (though all of them from the used bookstore) away instead of having them piled on the floor, and I could wash the yarn that's sitting around in bags and get it put away in baskets that fit into the shelves and....

Meh. Mercury went direct in Cancer today, thank f'ing god, and I'm hoping all this emotional turmoil will fade soon. I need to get on the ball and start the job search in earnest, but I'm having a hard time focusing when I'm this down. I think cleaning/organizing/playing with the stash will help.

But I should probably wait for daytime to begin the project, eh? :D


Blogger Norma said...

I have a suggestion that will probably bring on the urge to slap me. But I'll suggest it anyway, because it truly works for me:

Do something for Dulaan (or another charity of your choice). Something small, something super-easy, something that will just make you feel like you did something to clear up that huge pile of yarn.

5:18 AM  

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