Sunday, August 06, 2006

Good thoughts?

I spent a lot of today on the phone with my sister. Long story short - her orange happy-go-lucky doofus of a cat Hobbes is very, very sick. $600 worth of tests later (she will have to pay me back), it looks like a bone marrow thing. He's tested negative for FIV/Feline Lukemia, but he's severely anemic and, well. It doesn't look good.

These two are super attached to each other, and he's a bright sweet young man (just a year old!) who brings a lot of joy to her life. She's waiting for the test results that should come in tomorrow from the more in-depth blood screen, and is trying meds for a few days. X-rays were clear, all the rest of the tests were clear. Just waiting to hear about the blood screen.

It's very frustrating, as she's teetering between hope and terror and all the stops the pendulum hits in between. We absolutely do not have the money for anything more here, certainly not a bone marrow evaluation and transfusions.

If you could keep DD and Hobbes, and Hobbes' little sister Tinkerbell in your thoughts for the next couple of days, I would be very thankful. It will be a rough week, and they could both use the help.


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