Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Feline days

It always amuses me that the "dog days of summer" fall in Leo.

Speaking of felines, Hobbes is doing a little bit better. In order to get something in his little stomach, my sister's vet recommended she try "kitty junk food", aka Fancy Feast. She's having to feed him off her fingers, as he's been too weak and too disinterested in food to make an effort to eat out of his bowl, but he's had a few mini-meals, and while still weak, is at least holding his own. He's also been drinking a bit, as long as the water is running from the tap, and is calm and as comfortable as he can be right now.

Tinkers is jealous of all the attention he's getting, and she won't eat unless she gets hand fed too. Heh. She's very worried about her brother, but seems to understand and just curls close to keep him company.

After helping give Hobbes his first dose of medication, I can now understand Laurie's exasperation. And good gods that woman deserves a medal or something, what with having to pill FOUR cats at the same time. She's a superhero in my book, one who waves her magic knitting needle and a table with yarn, fried chicken & okra and super awesome cake appears. It's the best kind of superpower to have. Along with pilling cats.

On the knitting front? Well, I wound a couple of skeins of sock yarn yesterday before astrology class in an effort to get myself interested in it again. And I took Norma's advice, and started something new for me. A vest from one of the links on the Dulaan site. I'm working on it during episodes of MacGyver, which is proving to be the funniest damn show I think I've ever seen.

During this I've come to an important conclusion, and one that might prove to be unpopular:

I don't like doing charity knitting.

I am a pretty slow knitter, and I've discovered that I end up resenting the time it takes to knit something for someone not in my immediate circle. It's not to say that I won't do it, because I do feel that it's important. And I like being able to help.

But I think, after my stash of "charity" yarn is used up, that I may stick with monetary donations from now on. My knitting time, when the mojo is there, is fairly precious to me, and I want to spend it on projects that make me feel good, and generate love within me. Some people are able to do this for the greater world. I've discovered that I am not one of them.

Selfish? Sure. But I give enough of myself and my time to other things already. I'm drawing the line at my knitting, dammit.


Blogger Cathy said...

Well. I think money is much more apppropriate since it can be used for whatever is needed unlike knitting. Wasn't there a joke about someone hungry receiving tons of scarves, hats, sweaters but no food? I keep that in mind.

7:14 AM  

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