Wednesday, March 01, 2006

March comes in like a...relative.

Who isn't a lion, but he is being a bear.

My poor brother is out here updating his license for work, and getting ready to ship out for a while. However, the sniffles he picked up from his son has mutated into a full blown cold, and he's being awfully cranky. Grumpy. Perhaps even a smidge belligerent.

Good times, baby. Good times.

So there hasn't been a lot of fibery fun the past couple of days. The last thing *I* want to do is come down with this crud, so I've been dosing up on Vitamin C like it's going out of style, and generally vegging liek whoa. I made stew, which has been the one concession to 'smothering' brother mine has accepted. I'm not really sure how my asking if he needed anything was smothering, but whatever.

If this is the typical male response to being sick, I'm suddenly very glad I'm single.

Today though, it's more sock knitting. If he's going to be a grump, he can forget about the companion hat to the seed stitch baby alpaca scarf I finished for him for his combo birthday/$winterholiday present.

So there.

Potential next project? This spindle rack for under $5. I love me some Ikea, and I was just wondering how I was going to display/store my growing spindle collection. And lo, here comes spindlicity to save the day. Niiiiiice!


Blogger Andrea said...

No, actually, I think the typical male response to being sick it to turn into a great big baby and want you to do everything for them, but if you're that sick, then they think you should just go to the hospital and leave them alone. Oh, wait, I'm not bitter.

9:55 PM  

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