Friday, August 25, 2006


I've gotten most of my spinning wheels off of craigslist. And they've all worked wonderfully, and I've resold most of them. "Try before you buy"? What's that?

Anyway, in the Seattle listings, there are a few that could probably use some TLC, and would need extra bobbins crafted if you want more than one, but if I wasn't unemployed, I might pounce on a couple of these.

Nice handcrafted with distaff, for example. Or a whole set of wheels. I would love to have a Canadian one. *sigh* Someday. Like this one, which I want to pack up to send to Dave at the Merlin Tree for some TLC STAT.

Craigslist is teh bomb.

Thanks to the combined efforts of myself and my friend Ariana, I can see most of the floor in my living room again. It's no longer overrun with fiber, which is awesome. Someday I'll take a picture of it and share it here, but that's after I get a dustbuster or a vacuum. And a new coffee table, and the entertainment center and sets of shelves I really really want (pre-coffee I'm Scary Spice).

I continue plugging away doggedly at a couple of different knitting projects, but have also gotten distracted into doing a little something of my own. I'll share once I stop swearing at graph paper.

Hope anyone who still reads this is doing fabulously as August winds down! :D


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