Saturday, August 26, 2006

Oh, and a question

Damn insomnia. I'm so tired, and yet, when I curl up to sleepy? It doesn't come. Foo.

Question for all you yarn addicts. Is there a sport weight (though I'll take fingering weight) yarn that's at least 50/50 wool/silk? I'd settle for dyeing my own colors, but I would like at least that ratio of fibers. I'd settle for wool/tencel, or a greater percentage of the silky stuff in the blend. My google-fu is offline, apparently, after five consecutive days of less than four hours of sleep.

I hate that. I need MacGyver to come work some mojo on me. Interpretation of how he manages that is up to you, dear reader. ;D

Alternatively, can I just say RDA is absolutely adorkable as Nicodemus Pratt in that very short lived series Legend? I ::heart:: him so!!!


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