Thursday, February 09, 2006

Testing, testing

OK, one of my things to do this year was to get out and meet more people.

I never said it had to be in person.

While I've lurked and commented a lot in various knitting blogs over the past couple of years, I hadn't ever really directed anyone to my main blog, because, well. It has more to do with fannish things than with fibery good times. There are a few knitters and spinners who are of like mind, but not that many, and I'm fairly certain most folks who want to hear about the fiber would rather skip the squeeing over pretty pretty people on TV and film.

So, here I am. I've pondered forever about what to name my knitting blog, and well. I never did come up with one that was completely satisfying and that really fit. So, here on the eve of the 2006 Olympic Games, and the accompanying Knitting Olympics, I pulled one out of my arse and we we go.

It also has a little bit to do with me selling my beloved Clotho the Columbine today, so I'm sort of honoring her soon-to-be memory with this post/blog/ramble. Thus the blog was born, based on the Greek name for those tricksy tragically misunderstood Fates. Well, that and the fact that I spin, if slowly and badly, but I'm working on it.

Hey yeah, Knitting Olympics. I'll be doing the knee-high socks found here at a lovely Harry Potter site. Love those Quidditch players. I'm knitting them for a 'net friend out of Opal Chameleon with some lime green Regia as an accent. I should maybe ask Athena to help a girl out here, because I don't have time to swatch and I haven't knit with Opal before. I haven't even really knit with Regia, except for the socks I made for this same person about six months ago. Helllllo adventure!

I may also try the socks on two circs method, and snagged some size 1 US Inox circs in 24" at the LYS tonight where I went to have a very, very small retail therapy session. I also sold my Bosworth Book Charkha today, so sad times, sad times. Unfortunately, I had nothing in my stash to accent the Opal, so I had to go and pick up something to help stretch the Chameleon yardage, and while I have DPNs, part of this little three hour 16 day tour is to do something new. Thus the two circs.

Here we have the yarn in all it's unswatched glory. If nothing else, it should keep me awake as I knit. Please excuse the craptastic picture. I hope to fix that at some point, but not when I'm in the middle of washing a fleece.

So those who've known/seen me around the web as "perclexed", welcome! I hope you'll stop by again soon. We'll have mead. Ambrosia (though not the kind with the green jello and mini-smarshmallows). Chocolates! And men in togas catering to our every whim.

Not a bad way to start a blog, eh?