Tuesday, March 07, 2006

For want of a screwdriver

I actually busted out the spinning wheel *TWO* entire evenings in a row. I think I'll make it a goal this moon cycle to either spin or knit every single night of the week. Maybe once we move past Aries into Taurus I'll make it the goal to do both every night, and actually put a dent in my stash! For now though, I think one or the other would be good. At least 30 min worth, every night. That should create some measureable progress on both the knitting projects AND the spinning prowess.

For now, though, I'm simply working on filling bobbins. And since I'm about out of bobbins, I really need to put together the tensioned Lazy Kate. I tried plying off the built-in LK on the Traveller, and it was, frankly, a disaster. I need a bit of resistance to really control the fiber, be that the tug of the wheel as I draft, the tug of the spindle as I draft, or apparently the slight resistance of the tensioned LK as I try to ply.

At least, I hope so. I'm not sure yet, and this will remain theoretical until I purchase a simple Philips head screwdriver and put the TLK together. I'm about out of bobbins, and come to think of it now I'm not sure if I have two empties onto which I should ply the contents of two full ones and, um. Oops. Me and Navajo plying are mere acquaintences at this point, though I do hope we'll get to know each other better in the long run. So, hey, looks like there may be a trip to the spinning store for at least one more bobbin, and possibly replacement drive bands in my future.

Oh darn.

In the meantime, looks like spinning on the wheel is stalled. I shall turn my attention to alternating between spinning up the bunny crack on one of the spindles (favorite right now is the Cascade Little Si), and working on the socks.

Coooooool. :D