Thursday, June 01, 2006

Still here

Still feeling fairly subdued and 'meh'. Mr. Meticulous (aka my brother) is in town visiting for a bit longer than usual, and is very critical of my housekeeping skills. Normally I'd tell him to shove it where only a proctologist could find it, and follow it up with a nice lemony spritz of Fuck Right the Hell Off, but I'm feeling so numb to lots of things right now I just settle for a dead eyed stare. It unnerves him AND I don't have to put effort into an argument. Sweet.

I had pondered fleeing the state for Colorado in time for the Estes Park Wool Festival in a couple of weeks. I grew up not far from there, and my mother still lives in Ft. Collins. Alas, she's going to be at Mr. Meticulous' place in Idaho that weekend.

All in all, it probably works out for the best. Pending unemployment + wool festival = probable financial disaster.

Someone has most of the parts of a fairly groovy looking wheel up on craigslist Seattle for $15. If I had room in my car and the means to manufacture the missing parts, I might go for it. As it is, I closed the browser before I did something truly dumb.

I'm off to find lunch and a cure to the Car Repair Blues.