Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A plying shame

See, I've got the singles spinning down OK now. I'm pretty happy with the consistency, and though parts of the single are overspun, I'd prefer overspun a smidge to it falling apart when I go to ply.

The thing here, though, is that my plying sucks. Like a hoover (or a Roomba, which I am still coveting). I don't know if it's the way my drive band is set up on the Traveller, or the fact I need to replace them, but I get hardly any take up when I spin counter clockwise for plying. Perhaps I have the bobbin in backwards? Maybe I need to replace the bead lacing bands? I haven't been very happy with these as drive bands, but didn't have the right knid of twine/string/whatever available to use in place of this stuff. I think I foresee a session with the candlewicking and a sewing needle in my future this evening.

Any tips on plying lurking out there?

Meanwhile, still pondering shawl options, and knitting away on the knee high socks. Still. :D