Monday, March 13, 2006

Strange blip in my universe

What's that word where different streams of your life come together and interact for a short time? Not really serendipity, and coincidence seems a little too...wimpy for what I'm trying to say. Perhaps 'bizarre and strange cosmic alignment' would be the way to go.

I attended the RMHC MS Hockey Challenge 2006 on Saturday. I think this is the fourth year in a row that I've gone, which is mind boggling in and of itself. Because that means I've been knitting for a little over three years.

I know this because the very first projects I made on DPNs were for this lovely gentleman right here. Alas, the pics of him actually wearing the hat I made him are out in cyberspace in a place I cannot reach, or quite possibly stored on the harddrive of the computer that was dying a slow, agonizing death and is sitting in the corner having an extended time out. If I recall correctly, the formula for this project went like this:
2x Hot!Actor(I really like his character + and he has to shave his head for the role + they film in Vancouver, BC) / I'm a geeky fangirl = knitted gift when seeing him live and in person at a charity event.

It was lovely though. Hand spun, hand dyed (not by me) merino blend knit on 10.5s I think, using Bonne Marie's beanie pattern. I gave it to one of the volunteers when they took that "resurfacing the ice" break between the second and third periods. I was watching the zamboni do its thing and then realized if I didn't get it to him just about then, he might not get it at all. So I gave it to a volunteer and went to the bathroom to get rid of the nasty ass beer I'd bought to calm my nerves. When I got back, I sat down, went to clean off my glasses and lo, there he was, scooting back and forth on the ice and pointing to his head which is adorned with MY HAT and making excited faces into the crowd and asking "who made this?!?!?!!"

It was a proud fangirl moment, let me tell you.

Anyway, I ::heart:: him, and go every year even if I haven't watched Smallville in about forever. I will catch up on the DVD sets someday.

And now we get to Saturday, which ties together fannish crushes, current hobbies AND recent events, because there was an Olympic Women's Hockey player there this year. And I held a bronze medal from the 2006 Torino Olympics in my hand. Kelly Stephens was on the medal winning US Women's Hockey team, and she came to play for the Hockey Challenge this year. I wish I'd taken a picture of her and the medal, and me *holding* the medal, because it was like my fannish knitting real life lives collided in a spectacular display of bleached teeth, great health and do-gooding.

It's enough to make me verklempt even thinking of it now.

BTW, those medals may look like an ill conceived donut, but boy howdy are they heavy. I have no idea how this lovely, teeny woman does her thing with that hanging around her neck. Of course, she hurls herself around ice on sharpened blades and carrying an impliment of much pain if not mass destruction, in pants that look like they were made at Baby Fetishes R Us (which might explain the fierce face guards and the high sticking), so you know. Obviously a tough nut, that one.

Kind of an eventful weekend. Knitting, Olympics and old celebrity crushes, all at one small autograph table.

My head is still spinning.