Friday, March 03, 2006

Pondering lessons learned

I'm still thinking over the Knitting Olympics thing, and things I learned about myself during the period.

1. I don't really enjoy knitting things to a deadline. It makes me want to dig in my heels and knit slower, just to be contrary. I am a process, rather than a project knitter. I knit for the enjoyment, rather than the end result. I mostly knew that going in, but this really solidified that for me.

2. I really have a hard time knitting one thing and one thing only. If only for basic health of my hands, I need to have a couple of different projects available. Especially if I am doing socks on small needles. I ended up leaving the socks to sit for a day or three during the course of the Olympics to finish the last few rows on a scarf knit on 10.5s.

3. I knit according to my mood. Color, texture, the item I'm making.... What I end up working on is really dictated by my mood. Had a stressful day? Socks are usually out, as the small stitches make me think of small minded people, and I don't really make a lot of progress. However, on a day when I'm in a good mood or am generally feeling fine, socks are great! When I need comforting, I'll pick up a scarf on big needles out of a lush yarn, and be pleased that the finished item will help comfort and warm the intended recipient, making the whole thing a big, circular love fest for the universe. I still haven't been in the mood to make a sweater, like, EVER, but that day will come. Maybe not for myself, but to knit a sweater for my teeny tiny sister? Sure!

Bottom line - I'm going to resent the damn item if I feel like I *have* to knit on it. I like my freedom to choose, period. I don't know why I thought I'd be different when it came to knitting!

There were other lessons learned, like "always wear your glasses because doing a Figure 8 cast on with Inox DPNs is a potentially eye-losing hazard", "never knit when tired and project is on size 1 DPNs, for picking up dropped stitches is a total freakin' bitch", and "Ben & Jerry are a girl's best cheerleaders".

But Godiva is a great stand in for B&J. :D