Friday, April 14, 2006

I hope it works

I have a hand crafted wheel for sale, and someone is coming to look at it tomorrow. I'm down to two wheels now, and will be keeping the Ashford Traveller until I can save up the moolah for something different. Selling this other one, which is lovely and beautiful and I wish I could keep it, but I never did get the hang of treadling on it, so it must go to a new home.

It was the first wheel I ever bought, found on craigslist, and the kind older gentleman who sold it to me had it set up as a single drive. It's actually a double drive Norwegian, and you know, if these folks don't end up buying it tomorrow, I won't be *too* sad. I'd like to take the time to finish it with Wood Beams and really get it up and running, and spend more time working out a way we can get along. Earlier this week I realized that if these folks are going to bring someone who knows more about spinning than I do along (not difficult, since I'm still pretty much a rank novice), it needs to be functional and ready-to-spin. Oops!

Enter the mad dash to the candle supply place for some 24-ply flat cotton wicking. I had bought some flat cotton twine of some kind months and months ago to do the double drive with, but I've moved since then and of *course* I can't find it. I do have some Pony bead lacing that I could use in a pinch, but I'm not really fond of its performance on the Traveller, and would prefer to try this out instead.

That's my project for this evening, I think. To get the drive band on the Norwegian, get it oiled and ready to test drive tomorrow, and hope that it may find its way to a new owner as of noon tomorrow. Wish me luck!