Saturday, February 18, 2006

The wood, it is the beaming

I made quite the undignified sound when I checked my PO Box today, but I didn't care. The package from Goodies Unlimited was here. YAY!

I ordered some Wood Beams, some Everything Balm, and two soaps a little bit ago. The Wood Beams because the Norwegian desperately could use some moisture, and I want it in top condition if I sell it. The rest was just icing, because well. I feel weird about ordering under $10 of merchandise form any small business. Plus, I was about out of soap, and I could probably sand the unfinished Ashford Precision Lazy Kate that's in my living room with my heels, so the Everything Balm seemed a no-brainer.

Speaking of the APLK, I wanted to do a test drive on the Wood Beams before I used it on the spinning wheel.

Ho. Ly. Cow.

This stuff? Is *amazing*. I will do a before and after shot soon, as I left one side of the APLK unfinished for now. So I could do the before and after. I left the Wood Beams to soak in on one half of the Kate, and did the unfinished Ashford Niddy Noddy while I was there. What can I say - I went for the relatively cheap tools for now, until I figure out whether I really like this spinning thing.

I can't wait to see what they look like when I'm done buffing them. They were really, really horribly dry, and I could practically hear the wood sigh with relief when I was applying the product. I'm really not much of a chemicals kind of gal, and like the idea of the wood being able to breathe under the coat of beeswax and other natural ingredients. I may do the unfinished bookshelves if I have enough left. If there's anything left after *that*, well. The rest of the furnishings in the house better look out.

Anyway, stay tuned (or at least the one reader I'm sure I have) for before/after shots, coming soon to a blog near you!