Wednesday, March 08, 2006


I find continers endlessly interesting sometimes. The topic and title of this post come from the fact that I truly, absolutely, inequivocably adore cheeses that come in their own little wax containers.

It's all gouda!

Please don't beat me with skeins of alpaca for that terrible pun. But it make me giggle typing it up, so I am NOT sorry!

Today is fiber day, where I pay for a few fleeces I'd forgotten I ordered way back when. Today is also the day I try to resist the call of the Regia Canada yarn series. I have a surprising amount of sock yarn for a girl who knits at the speed of a slightly undercaffinated snail, and who still struggles at time with knits on teeny needles.

I think, truly, my stash is all about possibilities. It's not so much the actual knitting as the sitting with patterns and yarn and daydreaming about what it *could* become. And yeah, making the items brings a whole heck of a lot of pleasure, but it all starts with looking at, picking up, fondling and losing myself in the possibilities of the item.

My stash, tucked away in all it's plastic tub glory. It's like a present that constantly renews itself. While it may not be wrapped up in pretty paper with a big fat bow, simply the act of pulling the top off of one of the containers is a gift.

Obviously, it's time to sign off of here and go in search of more coffee before I head too far down the Forrest Gump Box o' Chocolates path. *G*