Friday, March 24, 2006

Not much content

This week has flown by, for the most part. I mean, here it is Friday again, and I look back on the week and wonder what happened to it. Where did it go? I know Monday was a struggle, as I didn't feel well. Tuesday was all about staying home sick. Wednesday was spent trying to work with the shipping department here at work on shipping an assembled Ashford Traddy, which ultimately fell through as the guy was going on vacation and couldn't care less. Yesterday I finished up a monster assignment, which as a great feeling, and then went shopping for things like mixing bowls and muffing pans and a tool kit with bits. And a run to CostCo, which is always interesting, as I rarely go there. This single girl does not need a CostCo card, so going is always fascinating.

And, btw, 18 containers of harvest peach yogurt take up a fair amount of space in the fridge. This would be Exhibit A as to why this single girl doesn't need a CostCo card.

Exhibit B would be the new lust I have for iPods. I barely have any music at all - I'm perfectly happy listening to the silence in my home. If I have something audio going in the background, it's usually a movie or a television show on DVD rather than strictly music. I mean, I like music, especially music I can sing along to, which would explain why most of my selection is from artists who toured with Lilith Fair. I did want to get the new Dixie Chicks album that was released yesterday, but couldn't find it anywhere.

I think I want an iPod because I like the idea of podcasts that I can listen to while knitting or washing fleece (which seems like a never ending task lately). My selections of movies and tv is on the smallish side (I really need to re-order my Netflix queue), and I could probably recite HP:POA verbatim by now. I like the idea of listening to spoken word, as I don't have live television service and sometimes feel fairly out of touch with the world.

Or it could be the sleek shiny glistening white case and the lack of real buttons that makes my inner magpie go "ooo!"

I'll tell you what though. I need to stop buying fleece, muffin pans AND tools if I want to get one.