Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Dulaan me!

I was able to attend the Dulaan Knit In at TMK's lovely, cozy, beautiful house (yes, Ryan's TMK) on Saturday thanks to the kind indulgence of a most wonderful new friend. She rocks, yo. Sweet and kind and funny and terribly cute. She knits a mean colorwork hat too y'all. There were so many other fabulous people, some I got to see again, some folks who were new to me...like the lovely Janine, and Mary B, and Linda (she of the Hey Lets Give Away Tons of Noro from my stash just because), Rebecca and new friends! Please don't feel slighted if you were there and read this and I didn't mention you - it's because I have a brain like a sieve and get sorta overwhelmed when there's more than two or three people in the room and can't remember names to save my life.

I was sick most of last week, and collapsed in a pile of "blergh" once I got home, but the hours I spent with other knitters working on projects for this awesome scam incredible project. I have pics of the pile(s) of hats and sweaters and scarves oh my!, but of course didn't get them out of the camera. I was too busy making like a big fat moany feverish crankypants bump on the log that is the couch, drooling over the team members of SG1 in their hot black ops gear and wishing I were dead. Or not under the weather. Either one would work, so long as I get to trade snark delightful witticisms with Richard Dean Anderson in the afterlife.

I'm scheduling my latest attack of the vapors for this evening, after I write the $415 check to cover the ransom for my car repairs to my brakes. Something about a master cylinder going bad blahblahglazedeyesblah. I was pissed all weekend because it nearly made me miss out on the Knit In, but also because I was unable to get goodies to contribute TO the Knit In. I had plans! Plans I tell you! Of actual cooked things and a six pack of beer to share (TMK let me have one of the Fat Tires she had in the fridge, because she's amazing and I possibly looked like I'd been hit by a 2x4 with all the folks there and perhaps needed a bit of reinforcement). I got to indulge in a rare glass of Cherry Coke and a Top Pot donut and a few other nibblin's to spare, and while I was embarrassed that I didn't contribute most of the time, it didn't stop me from savoring the nuts on the donut OR a piece of the famous Tofu Chocolate Pie.

Meh. Who needs food anyway?

Fiber or knitting content to return soon. I'm going to daydream of the lovely things in TMK's beautiful backyard paradise to help prevent the panic attack I can feel lurking, over soon-to-be-unemployment, interviews, car repairs and the cashing out of a 401K.