Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Day of the Beast!

I'm hugely amused by the date today: 06/06/06.

While my co-worker thinks Satan and I are BFF (Best Friends Forever...it's a long story about stupidity and religious intolerance that I'm not going to get into here), and I'm heroically resisting the temptation to do ebil things to my work cube with red food coloring and some feathers, I thought I'd take a moment and post about some stuff. And things. Stuff and things, you know.

I had most of this draft written up when The Harlot posted about her postman and the latest packages. She scooped me, dammit! However, my love for one of my most recent lovely mail packages has not dimmed, and I'm sharing with you.

My very best RL friend EVER sent me a packaged packed to the gills with wonderful things.

Like this brown merino lace yarn. So soft. Such a subtle sheen. So freakin' amazing and fabulous and I LOVE EET! I'm not really sure how I'm going to ball this up with the winder. Is this where those toilet paper cores come in handy? I am vaguely recalling something about cutting a notch in one end, slipping the end of the skein in the notch, slipping the core over the ball winder center and away we go. Am I correct in thinking that? Help me out here peeps.

Digging a little bit deeper into the box, I gasped and then did an actual happy dance of glee when I unearthed these. Bundanaurriklaedid!!! Y'all, I've been DYING to get this book and the attendant English translation for at least a year, though I'm pretty sure it's been longer. I really, really love the shawls in this book.

Something about the Faroese-style shawls really appeal to me. The book was OOP for a while, I think, and I lusted after them on the Schoolhouse Press site for a long time, and they were a little beyond my means at the time. I checked out the local liberry copy over and over again, but finally had to return it. Very reluctantly, but I did it. I was pretty proud of myself, even if no one else knew. Fear the wrath of the librarian, y'all. *nods*

Last but not beast, I mean least, is this handful of wild buffalo fiber. MVBRLF's (My Very Best Real Life Friend's) SO at the time gathered this on a hike through Yellowstone. This is so cool...I'm pretty much speechless about it. I'm also gonna feel really dumb if I misremembered and this isn't actually buffalo, but I'm pretty sure it is. It was like an article out of Wild Fibers landed right in my living room when I got to that part of the box. So, so cool. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet - I've just been feeling it up like a frat boy at Mardi Gras for the first time, and I didn't even have to buy it a drink first.

Presents rock yo.

In between eps of Season Six of SG-1 (I cried so hard at the end of S5 and my absolute favorite episode EVER in Season Six, "Abyss"...see my LJ for details), and actual spinning, I'm daydreaming and looking through the book and trying to decide which shawl I'm going to cast on for. Decisions, decisions.

Thank you MRLBF A!!! *peppers you with smoochies*

Next post - actual spinning done! I plied another skein of random singles, and did another bobbin of a fabulous blended batt. Stay tuned for actual spinning content, coming to a smart ass blog near you!