Monday, July 17, 2006


Man, PMS is kicking my ass all over the mat today. Not even KT Tunstall's Black Horse and the Cherry Tree is helping get me out of my funk. And that's usually a sure fire cure. So I'm obviously beyond help today.

Though perhaps a judicious appliction of a Double Stuff Oreo poultice would help?

Moods like this, I'd usually go out for a drive, just to get away from myself and my own personal gloomy moodcloud. But I usually crank up the music and blast some tunes I can sing screech along to. And...I can't find the fucking CD player. My car is a 1990, so no CD player in the dash. Just the radio.

I should've asked for an iPod of some flavor for my birthday. Or a gift cert to Ikea, since I need new shelves and a way to organize the yarn/fleece stash as it displays an astonishing grasp of entropic cascade failure and responds by exploding outward at an ever increasing pace.

Why yes, I have been watching too much Stargate.

Not a lot of fiber content, except that I'm trying my best to work out how anyone can complete a square on the Hazel Rose Loom Quilt Weaver's square in 10 min. *boggles!*