Sunday, June 25, 2006

A successful spree

The sun moved into Cancer last Wednesday, and hey guess what? My Sun sign is Cancer. So as a happy early birday to me, and to celebrate the longest day of the year, I splurged.

First stop was Weaving Works to pick up the newest issue of Spin-Off. Love those sheep puppets! So cute! However, the best score of the day was as I wandered to the back of the store, while they were looking for a Schacht Matchless double drive band for me. Sccccooooooooooooooooooore! Lovely. 30% off. Mine!

All aglow from a nice find, I headed next to Third Place Bookstore. And look! They had the one thing I went in to find! I read about this in a story I was reading the other day, and Oh. I love Siamese (even if cat dander does NOT like me), and the book is titled Minou. I think it's about the adventures of a fairly pampered feline in Paris who is turned out on the streets after her owner passes away. Or something. I haven't read it yet, but will soon. I also picked up an obscene number of paperbacks by my favorite trash romance author. If you like fantasy and/or Buffy-type things, you should totally read her Dark Hunter series. She also writes as Kinley MacGregor if you like your commercial smutfic on the tall, dark and historically Scottish side.

Hitting an even bigger high, I hopped back in the car and hit Village Yarn & Tea for the first time. Oh! The lovely, lovely things!

I got my Hazel Rose Looms in the mail the other day, and will use the Encore for an afghan. That will probably match the couch that these pics were taken on. Whatever - it'll look fabulous and very fall-like.

The colors of the Koigu just screamed Summer to me. Summer in the Caribbean with a frosty beverage, on a float, and a hot poolboy to serve me. Er, my every whim. Or something. Whatever. This makes me think of bronzed skin, taut muscles, drinks with umbrellas and the fantasy where I'm a size four and can turn heads for the right reasons. The other, lighter skein is one of two Lorna's Laces that made me think of sherbert, which is something I really could've used about then, because it was hot and I was sweaty. And not because of the fantasy mentioned previously.

But the best score was the Fleece Artist sock yarn. Found at an actual store near me. I was so happy I nearly plotzed right there. I limited myself to three skeins, but man I could've picked up one of every color, and there were at least eight. I resisted mightily (mostly because I didn't have a basket...I know, I was optimistic too...and was about to drop it all).

Temptation was rife, so I fled to my astrology class, by way of Alderwood Mall, the Sephora store and a Bare Escentuals kit.

My life philosophy - if you're gonna splurge? GO FOR IT!