Tuesday, April 18, 2006


I went to three, count 'em, THREE stores yesterday, looking for a single diabetic coma inducing Cadbury cream egg. I just wanted one. ONE! I would also have liked a bag or four of the smallish, hard candy shell chocolate eggs, also by Cadbury. I don't celebrate Easter, but I try to have one of the classic cream eggs every year. Just one, because anymore is guaranteed to make me sick. I usually can't finish even one, but I give it the good old college try. I say college try because there was one incident with some college mates, a bong, and too much beer one April afternoon into evening and then into morning and...well. Anyway.

Not a single store I stopped in had any! I must have missed the after-Easter discounts. Very vexing!

Ah well.

Also vexing is not having time to spin or knit much lately. I keep sneaking rows of the socks between tasks at home and visits from the sister. I conked out early last night (10pm and in bed! Amazing!), so there went my spinning time. The next two nights are booked. Why must life happen when I'm in the mood to be meditative, reflective and rutabaga-like?

This situation requires liberal applications of coffee. *nods firmly*