Monday, April 17, 2006

Ah ha!

I finished spinning the little bump of the mystery roving last night while watching the special features on the last disc of DS9 (WAH! It's really over!), and went diving in the stash because I was fairly sure I had more.

Success! I found the box that it came in, which is good, because I think I would like to order more of this Tunis roving! I got it in October of last year from Sarah Cole at Tansy Fiber Farm at Black Ridge, according to the label on the box. I have eight ounces of the Tunis, and I ended up with a pound of Cheviot. I have a pound of that as poor Sarah had some difficulty getting the shipment out to me, and I must admit to being kind of a cranky bitch about it at the time. I feel bad now, lo these many months later, because for fiber this fabulous, a little forgiveness wouldn't have gone astray. I should write to her and let her know that I managed to unearth the box and get started on spinning up the Tunis. And ask if she has any more, because it's wonderful stuff!

My sister absconded with my digital camera to take pics of her cats, so I have no way to show you the wonderfulness of the roving. But I hope she'll give it back before I spin it all up, so I can share the lurv.

And now, back to exploring fiber links on the web work. Happy Monday!

ETA: Oops! I forgot to mention that the Norwegian is on its way to a new home. The folks who came over to look at it on Saturday bought it, which is great! Now I can pay my taxes! Oh, the joy!! [/sarcasm] I am glad that the wheel, who I think I named Inge, found a good home with someone who will love her and squeeze her and call her hopefully a Norwegian name of some kind. It was a wrench selling it, but I'm glad I did. Even if all the money is going to the tax man.