Thursday, April 13, 2006


Sorry y'all. I've been AWOL since finishing the first skeins. Family stuff sort of took over my life - my sister moved here from WI and we were getting here settled, and my oldest brother was in a serious car accident yesterday back in CO. He's OK, though they had to cut him out of the car and there was airlifting and scalp staples and other things that make me go EEK! and EWW! simultaneously.

I haven't really had much time to myself since last Saturday, though I've continued to work on socks, and my take-along modified feather & fan scarf in Colinette mohair when I'm on the go because it's what happens to be in my bag at this point in time. I haven't had much spinning time, though I did pay for the Petite Strauch carder and it'll be here next week sometime. I need to get back on the fleece washing wagon, and hit the local essential oil supply store for a ginormous bottle of lavender EO and a spritz bottle for Ye Olde Fleece Stash. I think I need to get a big ass bottle of a lavender wool wash as well, and maybe take the yarn stash that was in the old apartment out for a good washing as well. It'll give me incentive to re-discover and possibly document the stash at the same time, and also help moth-deter for another year or so.

Anyway. Life is crazy at the moment. Fiber goodness is helping me stay balanced, and after last night's astrology class? Knowing that my south node in Taurus in the fifth house helps explain a few things. :)

Back to the mines before the boss discovers blogging on company time!