Monday, May 15, 2006

Like water, too much chocolate

OK, so my grand plans for the weekend? Never really materialized. There was a lot of Stargate: SG1 watching (holy cow RDA got better looking as he got older and lost the mullet and mmm my older man fetish continues unabated), as well as another disc of Veronica Mars. And there was a lot of chocolate in there too. Too much. Waaaay too much. I think I could feel my very own personal molecules vibrating at a subatomic level at certain points from the combined caffeine/sugar rush.

I flowed, like water, from one passive, ass-broadening activity to another for three days. There was mass consumption of coffee (mmmm coffee), a lot of TV-on-DVD, and an absolute TON of reading done. I think I plied a bobbin of practice singles somewhere in there while I was watching Pretender, but it was late and I was crashing and things there got blurry.

I did manage to wash another fleece this weekend though. Finished the Lincoln (huzzah!), and washed up a Shetland. Oddly enough, these two fleeces are very different. That's me, Mistress of The Completely Freakin' Obvious. But I'd done a Cotswold and a Lincoln, and abruptly shifting to Shetland made for an interesting tactile experience. I can tell you the Shetland was hella more dirty too. That pre-soak water? Almost made me gag. X-P

It's supposed to get into the 80s here today in Seattle. Eighty degree weather in the middle of May. This doesn't really bode very well for August, non? Too bad I don't have today off of work too - I'd try my hand a spinning in the grease.

I'd better go find some coffee to help with this headache (I know, I know, sounds counterintuitive but it usually helps). Can't go from mainlining for the majority of three days to an abrupt reduction w/out paying one way or another.

Oh! I meant to mention - I'm going to work on doing something for myself and have (like an insane person) joined a knit-a-long. Check out the Trekking button on the sidebar, once I get it loaded! Here's to hoping I can actually knit something for myself in three months!