Friday, June 30, 2006


Nine jars, most of them out of the bath just 10 minutes, and most of them have already gone snnnnnk!

All pretty and shiny and stuff.

The color looks better here, I think, than the other batch of jam. But I could be prejudiced towards rasPberries.

I need to get a bigger pot for making jam. This batch totally overflowed the sides and let me tell you, raspberries cooking right on the gas burner is really kinda stinky. I felt like I was trapped inside a jolly rancher. Or a big wad of cotton candy.

I'm really looking forward to sampling some of this! :D [/dork]

Fiber content? Well, I'm still working on socks. When I get home from dinner tonight, fleece washing will start up again. I should say, I'll put a batch in to pre-soak, to wash tomorrow. The back room is clear enough to set up drying racks now that my bro has moved on to stay with friends of his in the area. Woo!