Monday, March 20, 2006

Happy Ostara!

I've been feeling fairly under the weather for the past week or so. Sadly, with no health insurance, a trip to a doc for an all around exam is out. I've been taking my vitamins though, and I think with some rest and relaxation I should be fine.

I perked up a bit today though, on one of my favorite days of the year. The first day of spring is known as Ostara to many a pagan, and while it marks the entry of the Sun into Aries and the first day of Spring, I tend to think of it as a halfway point in the season. For me, Spring starts with Imbolc (Candlemas for many), but the rapidly warming temps and the appearance of flowers and cherry blossoms here in the Seattle area bring a relief I don't usually acknowledge until this day.

These long, wet and grey Seattle winters are kicking my ass, y'all. I've lived in the PNW now for most of 12 years (some in Portland, most in Seattle), and every year the winter takes a toll. I almost wept this morning when I woke up to blue skies and sun.

Yeah, see above comments about rest and relaxation.

I love my brother, but I am also thankful that he isn't staying with me any longer. He's gotten his job shipping out as part of the bridge crew on a steady and well paying container run to Alaska, and I have my apartment back for the time being. He'll be staying overnight every 9 to 12 days (depending on the run), but an average of three or four nights a month is much easier to stomach than nearly three weeks of constant company.

Now that he's gone, it also means I can start up the fleece washing machine again. (Poor man wouldn't know how to deal with tubs of fleece in the bathroom.) Whee! I got my first Shetland fleeces ever from Ronan Country Fibers on Saturday. And, btw, if I ever need someone to pack me up for another move? I'm contacting Carol. She fit three full Shetland fleeces plus some mohair into a bag/capsule that was about 20" x 12" x 12". THREE, with no damage, though I think I heard them all sigh in relief when I opened up their well smooshed bags.

And today I got my much anticipated half-fleeces from Skylines Farm and the lovely Melissa Lines. What cracks me up is that there isn't a single full Romney fleece in the mix this time. I may have to remedy that shortly.

My goal, between now and Beltane, is to purchase a drum carder and get to making batts and blends and *spin*. I got the tensioned lazy kate put together (finally borrowed a screwdriver from a friend), sold the Traditional that I never got the hang of (me and scotch tension are not mixey things), but I think the Traveller and I will be getting much better acquainted shortly.

I hope everyone has a fantastic first day of Spring! :D