Sunday, February 19, 2006

F'ing HELL!

OK, so all along, since starting with the fucking eight (excuse me, FIGURE eight) cast on, I've had a weird feeling about this sock. The sort of feeling movie-goers probably had when watching the shower scene in Psycho. That "OMG LOOK OUT!", peeking between the fingers, can't-bring-yourself-to-look-away kind of feeling.

I completely, totally and utterly fucked this up. Misread the directions utterly. The sock-in-progress is so far from what is intended by the pattern writer as to be a five-times-removed Alternate Universe of a sock.

You know what this means.

To the frog pond I go.


Take two will begin this afternoon, after a nice fat slug of Laphroaig.

*headdesks and moans pathetically*