Monday, April 03, 2006

Knitting in Public

I see a lot of KIP-related posts on various lists lately, and you know. I really only have one comment to someone who's either deliberately snarky or rude to me while I'm knitting. It's fairly succinct.

"Bitch, please."

Remove the 'please' part of that phrase if you walk up and want to touch my knitting with nasty hands, only recently covered in greasy french fries and/or ketchup, or sticky with the remains of an ice cream cone. I'll be kinder to someone who has those kinds of hands and barely reaches my knee (aka children), but if you're an adult? All bets are off. You should know by now how to behave in public, and if not, I'll certainly call you on it.

And if you get even more rude in response? Well, that's what the metal Inox size 0 DPNs and the handy dandy Bic are for. Perhaps I should refresh my knowledge of branding techniques, or knowledge of archane practices that involved sticking sharp, pointy and *heated* objects into people.

Thou Shalt Not Snark on the Knitting, for Thou Art Puncture-able and Will Probably Scream.

This post brought to you by that fucking 'leap ahead an hour' program and a serious lack of coffee.