Thursday, May 11, 2006

Er, take two.

OK, so all my grand plans described in the last post sort of...fizzled. I ended up doing laundry on Tuesday night (don't I just lead the most exciting life ever?) and watching Disc 2 of the first season of Veronica Mars. I love this show. I don't have live TV service right now. I actually haven't had it for over four years now, and while I never thought I could cut that cord, it turned out to be a brilliant idea. Not only do I save myself the expense of cable (which is a must where I've been living as otherwise you can't get ANY channels at all, even with an antenna), but I am able to pick and choose what I want to view.

Netflix is a gift from the Goddess, I swear. Best. Idea. Ever.

I get most of my news via the newspapers on the internet, or actual newsprint. After 9/11, I found I couldn't really handle seeing the news. Reading it is entirely different, as it feels like there's a layer, a buffer between myself and the horrors of the day. Seeing it in color and right there in my face, as well as the endless repeats of that day for months afterward pretty much sent me into a PTSD state. Sadly, I know of what I speak there, so the most constructive thing I found I could do was to disconnect from that particular method of getting my news.

Is it chickenshit, given the state of the country? Maybe. Or maybe not. I felt even then that the objectivity of the television news was going the way of the Dodo, and increasingly advertising and sponsors, not to mention ratings, were running the shows. I am fairly certain that not even the online sources of news are truly any better, but I have more of an opportunity on the internet to find foreign English language papers and see what the rest of the world thinks about what's going on in my country.

Um, where was I? Oh! VMars, Netflix and Tuesday night. Then last night I had my astrology class, and got home around 10pm. Not a lot of fleece washing is going to happen at 10pm, so perhaps tonight is the night for pictures.

LadyV had asked what I'm planning on doing with all this fantastic fiber. And, um, she sort of caught me flat footed there. Hee! I truly have no idea. I'm so stuck on the idea that I need to get it all washed up and carded that I haven't actually thought through the spinning of it. I know I want to do a number of shawls, and I have some ideas lurking about patterns/concepts that I'd like to get down on paper someday. I think I'm going to concentrate on spinning up at least one of the white fleeces at a consistent sport or fingering weight and then dye the resulting yarn to match the concept.

I think Georgia would make a gorgeous sweater, but I am definitely on the far end of "ample", and am not sure I can handle the idea of knitting a sweater in my size. More likely would be a sweater for either my brother or my sister. Sister mine is a teeny vegan woman who wears a small, and brother is a healthy (and I'm told terribly hot) trim and fit person. At this point, it's more likely that Georgia would be a sport or worsted weight yarn for a sweater for either, or possibly both of them. Her fleece that year weighed ten-and-a-half pounds! I think I could probably get two sweaters and enough yarn for myself for socks AND A shawl out of that.

OK, maybe I'm dreaming there, but it's nice to plan big.

Aside from sweater plotting with Georgia, I don't really have plans for the rest of the fleeces. My knitting needs are fairly simple, running to shawls and socks and scarves. I actually have yet to attempt knitting a sweater, though I have the yarn for a number of them in the stash. I do want to spin the white fleeces and dye the results, but figure any projects from those would tell me what they want to be after the dyeing is done.

Er, that was all a really roundabout way of saying "I have no f-ing clue what they'll be." :-D

However, I do know that the first step is to admit I have a problem wash all that fiber, so that's my goal for tonight. No, no, not to wash it all, but to wash at least some of it. Because there's still Shetland and Rambouillet and some mohair and an Australian Merino fleece waiting their turns for a bath, and I have no washing machine.

I'd better get a move on, yeah?